Who We Are

Why We Exist

No one is free of blind spots or develops in a vacuum. The greatest insights we discover usually come from an engaging and challenging conversation with others. It’s how humans learn best. Our skill lies in expanding the possibilities of where that learning takes you.

What We Believe

  • Learning is not enough. Real wisdom and intelligence requires purposeful action.
  • You do the world no service by playing it small.
  • Organizations who drive the future will be led by individuals who are intentional in their decisions and advanced in their thinking about themselves and others.
  • Advancement doesn’t have to be restrained by obstacles.
  • The more dynamic and spirited a team is, the greater the energy they have to propel them toward peak performance.
  • Everyone has strengths and talents to bring to the world. The art lies in soliciting them.
  • Long-term strategies for personal and professional growth are best structured in a focused, collaborative method.
  • Development of both individuals and teams is a process requiring in-depth facilitation skills, focused attention, and enduring commitment to critical outcomes.
  • Success requires ever-increasing self-awareness.
  • Continued support is essential in sustaining personal and professional growth.

Why We’re Different

As Professional Coaches

Like most leadership coaching and professional development practices, we’re a small group practice. However, we take a holistic approach to our work: we don’t just focus singularly on the business issues a client is facing; we support the entire individual in all life domains. This permits us to limit the threat of outside concerns, behaviors, and situations that impede progress toward professional goals. Personal issues often overlay work issues and we don’t try to deny it. Instead, we embrace it. As a result, we not only help our clients push through boundaries, but turn aspirations in all areas of their life into realities.

We are a dynamic group of leadership and talent development professionals in Orlando, FL serving locals in Florida as well as businesses and professionals throughout the United States. We understand our unique strengths and structure our assignments accordingly. With Right on Ninth, you have the benefit of working with a qualified specialist who has the expertise to support you and avoid the risk of being assigned to a generalist coach who may or may not have the credentialing, experience, or business focus to meet your needs. It’s one of the main reasons our clients trust us to help them develop as leaders, business owners, and professionals.

As Experienced Facilitators

In each of our team development activities, workshops, and retreats, we have a constant focus not only on building a positive and enjoyable experience, but on ensuring that every element to the time spent together translates into meaningful results. Unlike many teambuilding activities, we ensure learning sticks by providing follow-up experiences and touch points. In our view, the investment in a team learning experience including  members from any organizational level should translate into measurable outcomes. We design our programs to do just that.

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