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Change is Constant. How Quickly is Your Team Adapting?

The most successful organizations excel because they share one core commonality: they bring the best out in their people. They unify employees under an overarching goal and permit them to express their talents in ways that contribute to that goal. By magnifying the individual commitment of their employees to the larger group effort, they ignite exceptional performance and drive long-term results. Simple concept; not so simple application. Finding ways to consistently translate resources and opportunities into efforts that yield sought-after outcomes is a daunting task to most organizations. We help them overcome this hurdle by leveraging the abilities of their teams through collaborative, interactive experiences that build commitment and organizational alignment.

We are experts in expanding the capacity of teams to learn and take effective action around key insights. Through engaging activities, we teach new skills and capabilities, provide meaningful feedback to individuals and the team at large, and build shared understanding. Our goal is to create synergy among the members of the team, allowing them to be more cohesive and capable of making greater strides toward their most critical objectives.

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Team Development vs. Team Building/Training

Team Building activities typically foster bonding and trust between existing team members. The primary focus is on building short-term solidarity among the team through daylong or multi-day experiences such as simulations, games, ropes courses, etc. In most cases, long-term strategies for sustaining the accomplishments of the activities is not a key component. The results of team building are often short-lived because underlying group dynamics issues are not addressed.

Training is used in instances when it’s necessary to build employees’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies. Instructional tools, materials, and activities are provided to enhance their understanding of a particular topic area. Ranging from a few hours to robust, multi-year programs, training can be designed to cover a longer-term structure than team building. This topic area is presented in a generalized fashion and applicability is often limited. Thus, while knowledge is increased among employees, behaviors do not necessarily change.

Team Development has a much broader scope and potential range for impact. It focuses on building employee performance through taking a comprehensive, longer-term approach. Unlike formal team building and training programs, team development experiences address the specific demands individuals within the team are facing. They also are centralized around long-term desires and goals of the team and account for recalibration of focus and topic discussions due to changes over time. Perhaps most importantly, team members are supported long after they reach insights about what changes need to occur. They are not expected to address challenges on their own after learning takes place, but rather are capable of engaging in meaningful dialogue with one another on a consistent basis. The collective wisdom of the team is leveraged and engagement is increased, leading to sustainable team performance.

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