Coaching for Business Owners

Small business coaching

Accelerate Your Impact

This program is meant for you if you are:

  • A service-oriented business owner or entrepreneur
  • Interested in gaining clarity and insight into areas affecting your ability to further develop your business
  • Facing challenges or setbacks in your personal and/or professional life
  • Committed to advancing as an established leader in your industry

The SHIFT Program typically extends between nine (9) to twelve (12) months, depending on your unique situation and desired outcomes.

What’s Included:
  • Initial Private Strategy Session Inventory, Report, and Debrief Session
  • Up to six (6) Professional Assessments and Inventories
  • Personal Copies of Recommended Books
  • Two (2) Customized Development Plans (Initial and at Program Conclusion)
  • Data-gathering via 360-degree Assessments or Personal Interviews
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Weekly Private 1-to-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Extended Program Wrap-Up Session

Participation in the SHIFT Program offers leaders a range of benefits. Among the most notable are:

  • Improved awareness of your personality, strengths, passions, and ultimate potential
  • Heighted clarity on how to successfully and purposefully promote your business
  • Reduced trial and error and increased focus and reduced confusion and tension
  • Better-quality relationships with your clients, vendors, and team members

Make the SHIFT

Ensure the effort you’re putting into your business has greater payoff.

If it’s time you put your business into a higher gear with less resistance and drag on you and those around you, you’ve found the right resource.

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