While we are able to administer a host of assessments to evaluate our clients and the teams we support, we hold certifications in a few that are worth particular emphasis in terms of effectiveness and comprehensiveness. Take a gander:


Decision making is a highly personal matter. We all have different approaches and understanding why others don’t see things your way can be nearly impossible without a firm grasp of how they think. This assessment, the most trusted personality instrument in the world, helps you do just that. Learn what your decision making style is and how it differs from those in your life with, let’s just say, perplexing perspectives. The MBTI is a must for anyone seeking to better understand themselves, how to better communicate, and how to gain a firm grasp of how to understand and influence those around them.

Find out more about your personality and make the most of being you

360-degree Feedback

The Center for Creative Leadership offers an entire suite of research-based 360-degree assessments that we’re proud to be certified in using with clients who want to know more about what others think of them in a professional setting. It works just as you’re thinking, with a wide range of individuals reporting exclusively on your performance to help you better understand how you’re perceived and where to make necessary behavioral corrections. Be it your direct reports, peers, boss, organizational stakeholders, and even customers, we can gather their insights and create a robust yet interpretable report of their views and help you change what’s most essential in their eyes.

Get a view of the bigger picture, we can provide the best possible lens

Energy Leadership Index

This instrument, created by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, is meant primarily for those looking to expand their leadership abilities. It allows you to better understand your perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as what impact they have on how you experience the world. Debrief around the Energy Leadership Index will help you learn what’s holding you back from being a better leader and what to do maximize your potential.

Explore the Energy Leadership Index and increase your ability to lead yourself and others

Work Engagement Profile

Make sure your employees are motivated to put into work what they’re truly capable of through the Work Engagement Profile. Designed by the human development professionals at CPP, this assessment measures the extent to which employees are engaged in their work and identifies options for increasing their engagement level. Unlike any other instrument, the Work Engagement Profile gets to the heart of people’s attitudes about their work.

Ensure your development strategies increase commitment and motivation

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